FQXi 2023 Essay: "How could science have emerged differently?
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                From the reviewers: This is an alternative "theory of everything", not an essay about how science could be different.

Digital Science: Emergence and Application of Quantum Consciousness

What if all matter in the universe was NOT created in one "Big Bang"?

Could operating under an illusion of inherent chaos deprive humankind of its innate ability to perceive and apply fundamental processes... i.e. Quantum Mechanix ... that can facilitate development of the Star Trek Replicator, proceduralize Self Healing, and promote Social Stability?

As an alternative model of Space-Time Energy, a continuous Emergence of QE, as spatially defined minimum/indivisible Quanta of Energy, from a single point source pulsed emission, can eliminate perturbative analysis of Quantum Mechanix, and facilitate application of a Cosmic Networked Intelligence to the human condition... i.e. extend human capacity to know.

Regardless of emergent methodology, the Universe is observationally comprised of Substance and Structure, and Cause as the Momentum Mechanism underlying Substance dynamics, produces Effects which reveal evidence of the underlying Structure.

Within the context of this essay, SIMulated Emergence is a reference to sequentially manifest Logic Components, as spatially defined... i.e. Physical... Circuits, and Logic as associated inferences/dirivitives... e.g. axis, sectors, equality etc.... that manifest as a consequence of Spontaneous, Harmonious Resolve (SHR) of a continuous single point source pulsed emission of graphically objectified minimum/indivisible spatially defined Quanta of Energy (QE)... i.e. Substance... within a CAD environment, Structurally Quantized by uniform/unified PLANAR units, as theoretical minimum/indivisible Quanta of addressable Space (QI)... i.e.Structure.

As Physical Circuits, whose Logic Components are, within the CAD environment, geometry defined elements... i.e. node, spline, plane, volume... of a 3D networked intelligence, they are functional operators that monitor and resolve QE emission and subsequent distribution mechanix... i.e. the Network Structure is a Logic processor.

Given a successful QE Emergence within a CAD environment, Structurally Quantized by uniform/unified PLANAR units:
- A Circuit is functionally discrete as a consequence of its QE choreography.

- All functionally discrete Circuits, hierarchically embedded in the Cosmic Networked Intelligence, inherit all prior Emergent Logic as their discrete functionality requires.

- All Spin dynamics... i.e. QE attraction and repulsion events... resolve as a consequence of the QE choreographies associated with the functionally discrete participating Physical Circuits, and resolve generates preceiveable Effect... i.e. Information as differentials in participant QE position and direction.

- All "Forces of Nature" are as a consquence of Cause... i.e. pulsed SHR of QE emission and distribution... at QE scale ... i.e. electromagnetism, strong, weak, and gravity are mesurements of Cause at discrete scales of Effect.

To SIMulate... i.e. digitally process... an unbroken succession of pulsed QE as the Momentum Mechanism of a Space-Time Emergence, a Logic Singularity that differentiates a Spaceless-Timeless Energy Source from Emergent Space-Time Energy, is assumed. Its graphic icon, as the Origin Source (OS) NODE, is SOUrceLink (SOUL) enabled, and on every QT... i.e. pulse tick as minimum/indivisible unit of Time... the OS SOUrceLink (OSOUL) queries the OS adjacent QI, and emits one QE to each, as required to resolve QE distribution into OS NODE adjacent QI, of the OS encapsulation geometry.

In that all subsequent Emission NODES (EN) can functionally emulate the Origin Source (OS) NODE as a logic componnt that converts Spaceless-Timeless Energy into Space-Time Energy, queries Circuit state.. i.e. QE/QI configuration... and emits QE, as required to Spontaneously, Harmoniously Resolve (SHR) the discrete Circuit in which it is encapsulated, a Universally Networked Intelligence... i.e. Cosmic Consciousness... as a hierarchy of self monitoring, SOUrceLink (SOUL) enabled sub structures... i.e. Logic Circuits ... Emerge.

The OS SOUrceLinked Universe is the Top Tier of the Circuit function hierarchy, and capacity of a subsequent Emission NODE (EN) to function as a SOUrceLink (SOUL) is granted on a hierarchical Tier and Bond... e.g. covalent, ionic, etc.... basis.

The "I Am"... i.e. Body as QE Substance, Mind as QE Structure... is a mobile, functionally discrete Circuit, embedded in the Universe, and is comprised of a hierarchy of functionally discrete Circuits... e.g. the "I Am" Brain.

Observationally, the "I Am" has the capacity to implement an "I Am" SOUrceLink (SOUL) QE/QI resolve... i.e. all of the "I Am" constiuent atoms fall with "I Am".

The "I Am" Body-Mind internal QE/QI configuration is on every Q-Tick modified by entanglement with the Q-Spin.. i.e. QE scale Spin dynamics... of external QE choreographies in the Space-Time environment in which it is embedded.

Manifest as QE Substance and Structure, by Cause and Effect over Time, and embedded in the "I Am" Body-Mind, the "I Am" Brain, encoded with the "I Am"'s Q-model, is the CPU responsible for maintaining internal Q-Spin Harmony of the mobile "I Am", with the SHR Q-Spin of the "I Am"'s external environment... i.e. the "I Am" Brain is Space-Time Logic endowed.

In that the "I Am" Mind QE Structure is SOUrceLink (SOUL) enabled, it has the capacity to FEEL Cause, the "I Am" Brain does not.

The "I Am" Brain can access the Space-Time Effect of Cause through the "I Am" Mind SOUrceLink (SOUL).

Application of an Accessible Universal Intelligence to the Human Condition:
- Star Trek Replicator:
Our physicist tell us that Energy = Mass X Speed of Light squared, but Mass remains an enigma.

Objectifying Energy as QE, facilitates application of Digital Physics to conceptualize Spin Mechanix.

In that the Star Trek Replicator necessitates resolve of the Hydrogen proton's QE choreography, its development, and its potential to resolve human dependency on Earth based resources, is inhibited by pertutbative analysis of Spin Mechanix.

In that a successful QE Point Source Emergence, SIMulated within a Unified Structural Quantization of a Sphere... i.e. non-perturbative 3D CAD environment... inherently reveals scale invariant Q-Spin dynamics, Danielle Oriti's 07/2022 "Group Field Theories for Quantum Spacetime" lecture, in which he proceduralizes application of a Uniformly Quantized Spherical (UQS) geometry structure to an analysis of Particle Scale Spin dynamics, is profoundly significant.

Note that the spherical Quantization, as illustrated @3:45min. in Oriti's presentation, is a Unified VOLUMETRIC Quantization... i.e. a Tetrahedron based quantization... not a Unified PLANAR Quantization... e.g. a Quadhedron based quantization, as illustrated here in.

Resolve of pulse sourced QE emission mechanix utilizing a Tetrahedron based Quantization may not be achievable, but admirably, Oriti's open sourced distribution of explicit procedurals as required to make application of a Uniformly Quantized Sphere (UQS), to resolve Spin calculations, is generic in terms of choice of quantization.

In any case, Quantization specific reduction of potential histories... e.g. 6 Emission Axis X 4 Quadhedra = 24 PLANAR "degrees of freedom"... eliminates necessity for the Feynman Amplitude.

- Self Healing: :
Our gurus tell us that "Consciousness is awareness"... but Consciousness remains an enigma.

Here in, Consciousness is the Logic Component specific capacity to know... i.e. differentiate... and the capacity to act is dependent on the capacity to know... i.e. degree of Consciousness.

The "I Am", as a Physical Logic Circuit... i.e. a dedicated digital processor... embedded in the Cosmic Consciousness, has been given dominion over all things to connect to the Spaceless FEELING of a Timeless NOW... i.e. the One Source... through the "I Am"SOUrceLink (SOUL), which is the central NODE of the "I Am" Mind.

In many cases a Curandero acquires enhanced capacities through personal experience of a life threatening "incurable" Body-Mind condition, which triggers I Am" Brain access, through the "I Am" Mind SOUrceLink (SOUL), to the highest degree of Consciousness ... i.e. the Cosmic Consciousness as the Top Tier of the CIRCUIT function hierarchy.

Widespread application of Q-mechanix to self healing has been inhibited by the historical utilization of conceptual lexicons that lack any physical or symbolic objective idenity... e.g. Spirit... with which to convey procedurals.

A Q-model that implements objective icons, verifiably applicable to historically established self healing procedurals, eliminates the necessity for conceptual lexicons... i.e. advised by one's guru to be still, and raise one's Consciousness, takes on new meaning if one objectifies "Spirit" as QE, and "Soul" as SOUrceLink.

If the "I Am" Brain Logic Component is unable to resolve Body-Mind disharmony, raising one's Consciousness to process the disharmony through the "I Am" Mind Logic Component, implements a Spaceless FEELING of a Timeless NOW procedural, which facilitates opening the "I AM" SOUrceLink (SOUL) to emit the Flow of Spirit/QE from the One Source, as required to Heal the "I Am" Body as Spirit/ QE Substance, "I Am" Mind as Spirit/ QE Structure, in accord with the Spontaneous Harmonious Resolve (SHR) of Spirit/QE throughout the entire Universe in which the "I AM" is embedded.

- Social Stability:
"Fear underlies all aggression. ~ Konrad Lorenz; "On Aggression"... Bantam Paperbacks Copyright 1966

Functionally responsible for resolve of "I Am" Body-Mind harmony within the QE Space-Time environment, the "I Am" Brain QE Structure has the capacity to monitor/experience/record Effect differentials, over Time... i.e. Space-Time Consciousness... and thereby Think... i.e. construct Space-Time Logic sequences, establish procedurals, generate a 2 bit query, and learn.

By establishing a log of the success or failure of responses, under observed .. i.e. measurable... conditions, the "I Am" Brain formalizes conditioned response sequences, which facilitate efficient processing of highly redundant internal operatives... e g. Spatial x,y,z transformations as required for mobility in a fixed Quantization... but relying on conditioned responses to resolve HERE AND NOW QE interactions with one or more external "I Am"s, guarantees disharmony.

Failure of the "I Am" Brain to internally resolve a single bit yes/no, undermines integrity of the "I Am"'s capacity to know, and promotes reliance on socialized conditioned responses... e.g. "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away".

If the "I Am" Brain Q-Model... i.e. Source Code... facilitates raising one's Consciousness... i.e. capacity to know... to access Cosmic Networked Intelligence, through the "I Am" SOUrceLink (SOUL), and establish a single bit preference from the Brain's 2 bit query, one can VERIFY that the "I Am"'s response to HERE AND NOW is in accord with the Spontaneous, Harmonious Resolve (SHR) of QE distribution throughout the entire Universe in which we are ALL embedded.

Note: Conditioned discretion... i.e. Ego... must be disabled to process response resolve... i.e. NEXT... through the "I AM" SOUrceLink (SOUL).

Note: The Brain's ability to Think, facilitates encoding the here in illustrated "To Know" procedural under one button on the mental desktop.

Inability of two or more "I Am"s to VERIFY credibility of a mutually accessible knowledge base, polarizes social interactions, which generates aggression.

In that Mainstream media, as a marketed commodity, profits from polarity, and Fear is a predictable consequence of a highly polarized social economic environment, investigation of a Q- model that exhibits Q-mechanix which facilitate access by the individual "I Am" to a Universally Networked Intelligence, and warrants confidence in Spontaneous, Harmonious Resolve (SHR), is justifiable.

May the "Force" be with the individual that queries the "I AM" SOUrceLink (SOUL) to sustain one's option to do so.

"Science: as the systemized knowledge derived from observation, study, and experimentation, carried on in order to determine the nature or principles of what is being studied"... REF: Webster's New World Dictionary of the English Language; 2cond Edition 1970

Science evolves as a consequence of technological developments that expand observational capacity and/or conceptualization tools, ... i.e. given current CAD SIM technology, Richard Feynman "could" have achieved his quest to resolve a non-perturbative particle interaction analysis environment.

In 2022, as a result of the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope/Receiver, and implementation of a CERN Particle Accelerator upgrade, human awareness of entity occupied Space expanded exponentially, and observable entity interaction scale diminished.

Successful application of systemized knowledge is dependent on the observeror's ability to accurataely conceptualize the fundamental nature or princiople... i.e. Q-model... underlying the "observable", and when results of study and experimentation, expressed as words and/or equations, fail to establish a solid foundational structure for knowledge derived from an expanded awareness, doagma proliferates.

In the wake of unprecedented expanded awareness, may a non-perturbative systematization of knowledge preserve the integrity of Science.

Quanta... plural of Quantum: as the elemental unit of a quantization ~ Webster's New World Dictionary of the English Language; 1970 2cond College Edition

Quantum Mechanix: as the dynamics of minimum/indivisible units of spatially defined Energy w/in minimum/indivisible units of Space

Science: as the systemized knowledge derived from observation, study, and experimentation, carried on in order to determine the nature or principles of what is being studied ~ Webster's New World Dictionary of the English Language; 2cond College Edition 1970

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