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Note: In that some browsers do not facilitate hot link access from webpage to YouTube videos, I include all YouTube video links as text for cut and paste into your browser search bar.

Is Zero Point Energy (ZPE) a reference to "Energy" as phenomena or "Energy" as a substance?

In that the "Next Generation" is here now, and the Physics and Metaphysics communities are currently entangled in the chaos of a terminology duplicity dysfunction that is prohibiting the perceptual unification required to tap the potential of Quantum Energy Mechanix... e.g. the long promised Star Trek Replicator, Self Healing, and Social Stabilty,... inherent within the field we are immersed, is it possible that proponents of each mindset implement a common catagorical subdivision of the Directory Root: ENERGY... e.g. ENERGY/PHENOMENA and ENERGY/SUBSTANCE.

For a more explicit justification of requested terminology revision, and methodology to achieve perceptual unification, see Space-Time Energy As Substance Underlies All Space-Time Energy Phenomena

Note: The above preface was posted as a comment to YouTube videos that inspired/motivated this discussion.
To view a list and links to those videos CLICK HERE:

Title: Space-Time Energy As Substance Underlies All Space-Time Energy Phenomena

INDEX: (to page hot links)

Development of terminology to communicate an emerging logic conceptualization, is subject to temporal and path variant influences. Therefore at any given time, it may seem that two or more logic constructs associated with a shared concept... e.g. "Energy" as relational to observed effect, and "Energy" as minimum spatially defined quanta... can not be unified.

The quantitative behavior of Energy, in terms of measurements made on the properties of observable phenomena, reveals unobservable quantized space and substance, but phenomena properties are not substance.

Quantized Space, yields spatially defined occupancy for minimum units of pulsed Energy as substance.

Language resolves/evolves as a result of its application/use, and dictionaries structured as simple alphabetical word/term list and associated meaning... i.e. a dictionary as a record of language usage... have for centuries been utilized as tools to convey/verify intended meaning, but over those centuries, an inflationary tolerance of usage ascribing multiple meanings to a single word/term has compelled lexicographers to establish definition modifiers to differentiate between a multiplicity of meanings for a single word/term.

I have yet to see the term "energy" given an "ism" or "abilia" suffix spin, but the preface to my college dictionary [B1] assures me that: "It is theoretically possible to use any word as whatever part of speech is required.

As an example, "force" can be either a noun, a verb, an adjective or an adverb... i.e. the force (n.) be with you, force (v.) it open, the force (adj.) field, force (adv.) feed,

A statement, as a composition of words/terms, in which the part of speech of any word/term in the statement can not be inferred from content... e.g. "energy action potential"... introduces ambiguity... i.e. energy as an adjective, or as a noun?

In any discipline, ambiguity promotes dogma.

If as per Webster B2 : use of the word "Energy" is declared as a noun, one can say a unit of Energy has 1 unit of potential for action and thus Energy (n.) can be a spatially defined substance that can move in space, but if one says Energy is action potential, Energy (n.) cannot be substance... i.e. action potential can only be spatially defined as a phenomena... i.e. an event in space over time.

If one defines Energy as action potential, another may ask "What is it that has the potential for action?".

The action potential of a particle is the particle's Energy?... i.e. the particle's action potential??

Imprecise language is not conducive to a discussion of "fundamental" processes, and many currently emerging ambiguity issues can be attributed to the escalated potential for media spin in the digital info world,

The efficiency of a mechanism to verify meaning, that is dependent on accessibility to, and application of, convoluted definition modifiers, inhibits information processing speeds as required to keep pace with the current accelerated dynamics of symbolism, and thus prohibits information assimilation... i.e. communication.

In that current Physics' media spin defies any rational application of dictionaries structured as alphabetical word list and associated usage, it is necessary to associate each term used herein, which is commonly applied to a multiplicity of concepts (often contradictory and possibly exclusive of each other), with the specific concept required to achieve reader content assimilation, as intended by author.

Prior to any attempt to comprehend content herein, it is highly recommended that my reader reference the Appendix: Definitions, to clarify usage as intended.
Also first occurrence, or subsequent significant occurrence, of a defined term is highlighted and linked to its definition in the Appendix: Definitions.

A wave of light, as a Physical Phenomenon demonstrates spatial motion over time, but what is waving?... i.e. light waves in a medium of what??... REF:     What is Aether? - Jeff Yee

As theorized and "confirmed by measurements" of the spatial motion, over event time, exhibited by light as a Physical Phenomenon, the speed of light (c) is, in terms of relativity, constant ... i.e. it is assumed that an observer's motion reference frame will always be the same as the motion reference frame of the light the observer is measuring... but utilizing Planck's length as the indivisible unit of Space... i.e. as the spatial Quantum.... to establish the speed of light (c) as the upper limit on the spatial propagation speed of an energized event, without graphically verifying a valid Origin (0,0,0) Point Source encapsulation geometry... i.e. a Spatial Singularity... to facilitate spatial mapping as required to theorize motion of spatially defined Quanta of Energy as Substance, implies all energized events are observable... i.e. no metaphysical, spatially defined Energy quanta as substance, underlie Physical Phenomena.

This eliminates the need to distinguish/differentiate between "Energy" as Physical Phenomenon and "Energy" as Substance, but promotes ambiguity.

"Mass is a measure of the amount of stuff occupying an object..."~ John Gribbin {B3} ; Sir Roger Penrose; and other highly credentialed physicist.

If one assumes "object" as a spatially defined, observable, physical entity, is the Physics' academia saying that mass is a measurement... i.e. in terms of a phenomenon's quantifiable properties... of observable motion associated with some unknown Substance ... i.e. "stuff"... and they have no mathematical means to quantify the number of minimum units of spatially defined Energy as substance, per minimum unit of quantized space as substance containment?

A mathematical means to quantify the number of minimum units of spatially defined Energy as substance, per minimum unit of quantized space requires a resolved spatial singularity... i.e. one cannot count the number of spatial units that occupy a given space if one has no spatial definition of the unit.... and without a density constant (p), force calculations do not solve ... REF:     What is Aether? - Jeff Yee

Interval measurements of properties of an observed phenomenon, are useful to scale properties... e.g. temperature, intensity, gravity, charge... of Energy phenomena, but the ascribed unit of measurement is specific to the property of the phenomenon... i.e. to measure a property differential of an Energy phenomenon, is a measurement of Energy as phenomenal.

Planck's constant was derived from measurements of quantifiable properties associated with blackbody radiation... i.e. as interval measurements of Energy as phenomenal... not from resolve of a spatial singularity geometry, and in the absence of reduction logic for resolve of a spatial singularity, emission models of Energy as substance, that utilize a Planck length as the indivisible unit of spatial differentiation, embed geometry discontinuities between phenomena and source.

To defend utilization of Planck's constants by restricting application to post Big Bang cosmology, does not eliminate the potential that sub Planck entities would survive a "Big Bang"... i.e. the "GForce" may have arisen from a more primary cause

That objects fall down instead of up, because there is locally more "stuff" below, than above the object... i.e. gravity... is an observable property of all physical/observable events that demonstrate spatial motion of "stuff" over time, and is evidence of an underlying metaphysical substance.

Properties of phenomena associated with a spatially defined object comprised of "stuff", can be quantified by measurement in observable scale quantization units which are relevant to the phenomenon property investigated... i.e. measurement results in a physical quantity... but the quantification of a property associated with an observed phenomenon, attributed to "stuff", does not tell us what the "stuff" is.

Measurements made on physical properties of a phenomenon associated with "stuff"... e.g. weight in kilogram units... must be clearly distinguished from a count of the minimum units of spatially defined containment of "stuff", that occupy a spatial object as differentiated by the phenomenon measured... e.g. an object's motion in space.

In physics, several distinct phenomena associated with "stuff", are commonly utilized to measure mass, and each is specified in units as required by the phenomenon variables being measured... e.g. gravitational mass has units of kilogram meters per second squared... i.e. kg m/sec^2.

Given the observably correct conversion factor, of course all mass related phenomena measurements will agree.

But what is the Quantum unit of "stuff"?

Is Zero Point Energy (ZPE) the indivisible unit of "stuff"?... if so, how does it relate to "Dark Matter"??

The chaos resulting from indiscriminate usage of the term "Energy" in reference to phenomena, indistinguishable/undifferentiated from "Energy" as substance, has apparently migrated to the presentation semantics of ZPE as an emerging logic concept, and whether the E in ZPE is in reference to Energy as measurement of a property of a phenomena, or the E in ZPE is in reference to Energy as a count of spatially defined quanta of a fundamental substance, is currently at the discretion of media spin.

The conclusions that one draws, depend upon the logic by which one calculates, but multiplicity and/or serial iteration... REF:     An Infinite Series of Universes - Sir Roger Penrose... as logic mechanisms that eliminate the necessity to resolve an initial state geometry... REF:     How Can the Universe Not Have a Beginning? - Sir Roger Penrose... as required for a solution to the Point Source Charge problem, do not dismiss the necessity for a solution to the Point Source Charge problem.

Any necessity for mathematical contrivances... e.g. unmappable inner-spatial dimensions... is indicative of a broken kinematic logic chain from observation to a verifiable logic reduction of the fundamental principle underlying the phenomena observed, and quantum logic models of emission and subsequent distribution of Energy quanta... i.e. distribution of spatially defined indivisible units of Energy substance in a spatial medium... utilizing Energy mechanix derived from mathematical relationships between property interval measurements of Energy as Phenomena (PHE), are inherently unstable... i.e. discontinuous spatial entity geometries can not be unified under a single source distribution process.

In that Energy occupies space, no unified minimum spatially defined unit... i.e. quantum... of Energy (QE), can be logically theorized without resolve of a spatial singularity geometry that expands as a spatial field quantized by a unified minimum spatial medium quantization unit... i.e. Quantum of Space (QI)... but resolve of a most fundamental... i.e. unitary/indivisible.... spatial definition for containment of "stuff", may invalidate any rational for application of mathematical constants which have been derived from observation of Energy Phenomena (PHE)... e.g. the Planck minimum length... to emission models of Energy as substance (QE).

Utilizing verifiable binary emission logic, a digitally simulated (SIM) emergence and distribution of "Stuff", as spatially addressable quanta/icons, animated within a CAD environment spatially quantized/mapped by a valid spatial singularity, will expose discontinuous entity geometries resulting from application of Energy Phenomena (PHE) mechanix to an Energy as substance emission model, and will resolve/dictate conceptual possibilities ... e.g. the mathematically viable concept of minimum units of Energy (QE) as substance, facilitates an Energy emission model in which Space, as addressable spatial quanta (QI), Time as a count of the Quantum Ticks (QT) of the source pulse cycle, and Energy (QE) as quanta of source pulsed substance, are the only fundamental components required for a Space/Time/Energy emission environment... which can unify plurality of concepts, and resolve social issues associated with conceptual instabilities.

To be intentionally redundant... i.e. rant and rave... an emission, and subsequent distribution model, of a spatially defined Quantum of Energy (QE), requires uniform, indivisible, spatial quantization units (QI)... i.e. spatially defined Energy (QE) containment quanta... as defined by resolve of a point source Spatial Singularity geometry, and measurements of "Energy" in terms of mass phenomena (PHE)... e.g. weight, inertia, gravity, frequency, etc... currently have no resolved relationship to a magnitude/count of minimum units of the spatially defined Energy (QE), participating in observed "energy equals mass" phenomena... e.g. an electron, proton, Higgs particle, black hole, etc.... being measured.

Unification of the two conceptual models of Energy, requires a verifiable mathematical association between a principle to general analysis, and a general to principle analysis, and motivation for resolve is currently being inhibited by indiscriminate application of a singular symbolic representation/expression... i.e. Energy.... to derivatives of the two dissimilar analysis methodologies.

As a consequence of an inability to make a clear distinction between the term Energy as a measurement of properties of observable Phenomena (PHE) ascribed to energized "stuff", and a measurement of "stuff" as a count of the Energy Quanta (QE) occupying minimum units of spatially defined and addressable containment... i.e. QI... of Energy as substance, the necessity to resolve a spatial singularity geometry is not acknowledged/recognized, and logic discontinuities are being deeply embedded in attempts to conceptualize/model emission of Cause Energy pulsed from a single source.

Given a valid unified field quantization that supports single point pulsed Energy (QE) emission and distribution, a perception of Energy QE as substance is justified, and a fundamental to general analysis which is validated by observation of physical phenomena, and facilitates application of metaphysical logic constructs that have historically emerged from prior perturbative perceptions of Energy (QE) as substance, is worth investigating.

A tree structured directory, as a terminology record of a fundamental to general analysis, is utilized herein to demonstrate the subdivision of the Directory Root: ENERGY... i.e. ENERGY/PHENOMENA and ENERGY SUBSTANCE.

Note: In a previous paper, TOPIC: "Knowledge Base (KB) Access as Fundamental to Info Processor Intelligence", submitted in response to the 2018 FQXi - TOPIC: "What is Fundamental?" essay solicitation, UQS... i.e. Unified Quantization of a Sphere... as a resolved spatial singularity geometry... REF:     UQS Upon Differentiation (0.09 min). ... that supports single point pulsed Energy (QE) emission and distribution, was utilized as the terminology basis... i.e. media spin... to template the Fundamental Processor Directory... i.e. the directory structure for a Cosmic Consciousness Computer (CCC://)... and is again utilized herein to facilitate a Directory Revision of the CCC://, as required to differentiate Spaceless-Timeless Cause Energy from Space-Time Reality Energy, and subsequently a differentiation of Space-Time Reality Energy Phenomena (PHE), from Space-Time Reality Energy Substance (QE)

      - Def:
          - (n.) 1. 1 unit of Energy has 1 unit of potential for a Spaceless-Timeless Cause calculation
                  2. 1 unit of Energy has 1 unit of potential for a Space-Time Reality action.

Note: To resolve "potential for action of what?" without generating "something from nothing" issues, a logic codec... i.e. an Intermittent Calculation State (ICS), as a mechanism for Spaceless-Timeless Cause Energy functions to manifest intent for spontaneous, harmonious resolve of Space-Time Reality Energy distribution, is required to facilitate a directory branch of //ENERGY.

      - Def:
          - (n.) Cause Energy, as Spaceless-Timeless intent, utilizes virtual computation to resolve spontaneous, harmonious, occupancy of minimum units of Space-Time Reality Energy (QE) within minimum spatially defined units (QI) of Space-Time Reality... i.e. Cause Energy does not utilize Space-Time Reality logic functions.

Note: For the same reason that a conventional computer requires a mapped logic environment of addressable 2 bit differential path directives... i.e. logic switches... the transformation of Spaceless-Timeless Cause Energy as Space-Time Reality Energy, necessitates a unified spatial field quantization geometry as an addressable hardwired map to facilitate reality... i.e. experience based emergence of the intelligence required for subsequent distribution of continuous pulsed QE in Space over Time.
Note: In that Cause Energy has no capacity for differentiation, Spaceless-Timeless intent is undifferentiatable, and no "multiverse" is possible unless multiple spatial singularities and their associated resolve of a Space-Time Energy emission can be verified.
      + UQS Causal Discussion
          - ICS Transformation of Spaceless-Timeless Cause Energy to Space-Time Reality Energy


      - Def:
          - (n.) a unit of Space-Time Reality Energy has 1 unit of potential for an action in Space over Time.

Note: To facilitate units of spatial containment for Space-Time Energy Quanta (QE) as substance, as differentiated from the various units of Space-Time Energy (PHE) as phenomena... i.e. evidence of unmeasureable "sutff" [B3] as substance, experiencing motion in a Space-Time quantization ... a directory branch of //ENERGY/SPACE-TIME REALITY ENERGY is necessitated.

      - Def:
          - (n.) a minimum unit of substance, as an occupant of any of the minimum spatial units of a unified geometry... i.e. spatial quanta... quantized by Cause Energy upon differentiation of a Space-Time Reality... REF:     UQS Upon Differentiation... i.e. as a consequence of Spaceless-Timeless Intent, a QE has 1 unit of Space-Time Reality Energy potential for an action in Space-Time.

Note: QE/QI occupancy choreography mechanix... e.g. UQS QE/QI Mechanix ... define emergent logic circuits in the Space-Time-Energy field... i.e. a QE experiences the action of an event, but a QE is substance, not an event.

      - UQS Emission Mechanix
            - QE Types:
           ... QE type as the number of QE in a QI are Inertia and Radiant Channel specific
            ... REF: QE Configuration: Pulse-4-Open
            ... REF: QE Configuration: Pulse-4-Close
Note: In that QE types are associated with the number of QE occupying a QI... e.g. on any given QT a QE is of Type 1 if it is the only occupant of a specified QI ... QE types are potentially infinite.
Note: The dynamic QE per QI relationship on any Q-Tick... i.e. the QE type... is dictated by the CAD environment quantization... e.g. as per UQS spatial singularity geometry, AND by the SIM emission logic defined accumulation capacity of a QI... i.e. by QE Emission Mechanix.
Note: An Inertia channel and a Radiant channel are inherent in the UQS spatial quantization geometry.

      - Def:
          - (n.) a unit of Space-Time Reality Energy potential for an action as measured in units associated with phenomena being measured.

      - PHE Types
            - Heat
                  - Units
                        + calories
                        + degrees
            + Sound
            + Gravity
            + Electromagnetic
            + Standard Particle Mechanix
      - Discussion... REF: Appendix: You Tube Links

Our most exhaustive analysis of observeable spatial motion events... i.e. Energy Phenomena... have not revealed the properties of the substance in motion, or verified the process by which substance is manifest as intelligence in the field, and contradictive analysis criteria may be inherent in seeking a fundamental substance while denying existence of substance one can not physically measure.

An expanding field of spatially mapped intelligence, as QE distribution circuits, implies continuously pulsed Source Energy... i.e. a pulsed temporal component is inherent to an expanding spatially mapped intelligence... and prior to each subsequent pulse... i.e. time as QT... emergence of logic mechanisms to resolve QE distribution for the entire field must be inherent in the spatial quantization.

In that a Quantum Energy (QE) emission model initial state Source Energy Pulse, that differentiates Space and Time, has no intelligence for directionally biased distribution of QE to give form to an emergent intelligence within the spatially addressed logic map, the spatial field quantization geometry must harmoniously resolve QE distribution equal in all directions from a single point QE source... i.e. a Source Spatial Singularity is implicit.

In that spatially defined Energy as QE, can not occupy a spaceless (x,y,z) point location, the spatial quantization must facilitate dimensional units of addressable space.

The Cartesian coordinate logic map, configured as a unified unit... i.e. cubic... 3D spatial quantization, with vertices specified in terms of 3 Euclidian coordinates (x,y,z), facilitates a scale invariant, infinitely expandable, unified field geometry, and can be utilized to map linear, planar, or volumetric QE occupancy, but intelligence to sustain continuous pulsed QE unbiased distribution from a point source, does not inherently emerge from Cartesian spatial singularity geometry... i.e. mathematical contrivances are required for recursive logic to facilitate spin.

Hidden, inner-spatial dimensions are not conducive to verifying reality as a 3-D mapped spatial networked intelligence.

The Unified Quantization of a Spherical (UQS) singularity.. REF: UQS Matrix Mechanix... as a quadhedron, scale invariant quantization of a sphere... REF: UQS Singularity Analysis ... facilitates a Quantum of Energy as 1 QE... i.e. where 1 is the magnitude and QE is the unit... which can accumulate in any of the unified minimum planar units of Space (QI), that emerge from expansion of the UQS unified spatial field singularity geometry, equal in all directions, infinitely, as shells of quadhedron volume radii, and emergence of the intelligence required to resolve unbiased recursive distribution of QE, for the entire field, on each pulse (QT), has been demonstrated out to 75 Q-Ticks in a UQS CAD SIM environment.

A Q-Tick stamped spatial address and vector direction, are the only units/properties of a Quantum of Energy (QE) associated with any given UQS QE Type number and channel... i.e. a UQS QE as a minimum unit of substance, is not a phenomena.

Although a minimum unit of Space (QI) is not visually discernible within the observers' spatial differentiation range, any number of minimum units of Energy (QE) may reside at the address of a single minimum unit of Space (QI).

A digital logic processor can expand human visual perception... e.g.     Digital Aether Test - Jeff Yee... and a CAD/SIM emulating a pulsed digital system emission process as an animated visualization of a theorized physically unmanifest substance underlying all physical phenomena... i.e. frame by frame resolve of the QE Emission SIM facilitates a validity analysis criteria... can potentially enhance an observer's perception of Space-Time reality, and the fundamental principle of Energy (QE) distribution within it.

If within a valid point source encapsulating CAD environment, a digitally simulated pulsed emission of Energy Substance (QE), as differentiated herein from Energy Phenomena (PHE), can be shown to spontaneously, harmoniously resolve as a spatially defined substance state for the entire field on each subsequent QT frame of the QE Emission SIM... i.e. on every Q-Tick, all system QE are resolved/configured within the QI spatial minimum units comprising all "objects" ... REF: UQS Consciousness Investigation... then the greater resolved concept, as derived from application of the more fundamental criteria of a principle to general analysis, supersedes any perturbative concept... i.e. spatial unity not preserved... derived from a physical manifestation to principle analysis... e.g. Garret Lisi's E8 Elementary Particle Explorer has no resolved Point Source Singularity at its core, and thus can not facilitate a Single Source Emission of Energy Substance (QE).

Theory must substantiate one's observation, but mechanisms of PHE, as mere mathematical conversions, are not the bottom line criteria of a conceptual validity analysis.

Is Zero Point Energy (ZPE) analogous to Dark Energy?... i.e. a terminology redundancy??

That depends on the media spin applied.

Is Zero Point Energy (ZPE) analogous to a Quantum of Energy (QE)?... i.e. another terminology redundancy??

That depends on whether the E in ZPE refers to Energy as a measurement of a property of a Phenomena (PHE) ... or... the E in ZPE refers to a Quantum of Energy (QE) as a spatially defined substance.

If Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is defined as the "energy associated with a particle, over and above its mass energy at absolute Zero", then the E in ZPE is referent to Phenomenal Energy (PHE), and a measurement of Energy as phenomena is not a count of Energy (QE) units with reference to spatial occupancy requirements of Energy as substance.

By ascribing an unverifiable minimum action... i.e. velocity... of a particle as Phenomena Energy (PHE), at an unattainable temperature of absolute zero... i.e. zero joules... as equal to zero, Physicist have entangled the E in ZPE in phenomena, and must lean on Heisenberg's uncertainty to promote conceptualization of the Zero Point Energy "Field" (ZPEF) as "a sea of virtual particle probability"... REF: American Chemical Society at     "Explain Significance of ZPE"... Chepek Media

If one's definition of "particle" requires Space-Time Reality logic functions, then the term "virtual" in the above Chepek Media quote, is inconsistent with the author of this paper's usage/definition of the term virtual herein, as Space-Time Reality logic function independent implicit... e.g. the Spaceless-Timeless computation intelligence associated with Cause Energy... and conceptualization of the ZPEF as "a sea of virtual particle probability" discourages any rational for attempting to map an underlying intelligence, let alone make application of such, or attempt to establish communication with such.

"Knowledge, as the Hindi puts it, comes directly from the expression of the fundamental fact."~ B.T. Spalding {B4}

If the E in ZPE refers to Energy as a spatially addressable Quantum of Energy (QE)... i.e. a ZPE is analogous to a QE... and if the ZPEF is mapped with the spatial quantization utilized by initial state differentiation of Space by Cause Energy, then a sea of Space-Time Reality QE will have, on any QT, a resolved QE field choreography, as a single frame snapshot of a dynamic unified Intelligence Network, and if perceived as single frame network configuration snapshots animated within the observers' frame rate processing range, all observable Energy phenomena (PHE) can facilitate extraction of intelligence from the network... i.e. a digitally simulated ZPE (analogous to QE) Emission at 1 Q-Tick pulse/frame, utilizing spontaneous, harmonious distribution resolve criteria, within the specified CAD environment, can facilitate on any frame, a bit mapped solution log of all prior Q-Tick ZPE (analogous to QE) spontaneous, harmonious distribution.

A Metaphysicist may be able to conceptualize the ZPEF as a spatial field intelligence... i.e. a dynamic network... that emerges from spatial quantization by single source pulsed emission and spontaneous, harmonious, distribution, of minimum units of "the fundamental substance"... i.e. historically Spirit, or Prana, or Christ, Aether, and now ZPE... but if one has no resolved spatial singularity geometry of the network architecture, then one has no mathematical framework to illustrate the mechanix of single source pulsed "fundamental substance"... i.e. one cannot verify a unified field 'source charge problem" solution... and one's application of, and communication with a quantum unified field intelligence, suffers from a necessity to rely on the Physicist's ambiguous equations to facilitate a "mathematical proof" that the ZEPF exist.
REF: Patreon at     "what The @#%! Is Consciousness!"

The UQS geometry, as a resolved spatial singularity geometry that facilitates a ZPEF quantized by a unified minimum spatial unit (QI), has been, since 2000, intentionally e-leaked to empower the "new generation" Technocrat with a middle ground in the polarized mindscape between the Physicists' ambiguous equation generated "virtual particles", and the Metaphysicists' faith sustained visualization of "cosmic unity", and it is conceivable that a perceptual unification of Physics and Metaphysics may be a consequence of exposure to and application of, an evolved geometry as the basis for a structural change in human consciousness.

An evolved mindscape, that requires one to re-evaluate constraints imposed on the Technocrat by scientific and/or religious dogma, fuels emergence of experiments necessitating conceptualization of particle phenomena... e.g. static electric mechanix, gravity mechanix, magnetic field mechanix, coil field mechanix, quantum fluctuation mechanix, standard model spin mechanix, etc.,. as observable evidence of underlying fundamental substance choreographies... i.e. as "strings" or "circuits"... and given social stability, the ability to decipher and make application of the fundamental level substance choreographies embedded within observable particle phenomena... e.g. the codec for the ZPE (analogous to QE) choreography of the Hydrogen proton, as required to develop the Star Trek Replicator... is within the "now generations" grasp.

REF: NOVA Institute of Technology at     "The Physics of ZPE 1-8"... David Yurth
REF:/     "Man Solves Tesla's Secret"... Jim Murray

Given a CAD spatial environment, quantized by a valid Unified field geometry ... i.e. digital mathematical framework/template... in which a SIM utilizing quantization geometry "source charge solution" mechanix..., i.e. emerging emission intelligence... can resolve spontaneous, harmonious, distribution of continuously pulsed ZPE (analogous to QE)... i.e. ZPE (analogous to QE) choreographies inherently emerge and composite, as dynamic logic circuits within the Zero Point Energy Field (ZPEF)... the spatial singularity of that environment would be the decipher key to the ZPEF root network architecture, underlying all subsequent networked intelligence.

"Principles of physics are involved in a study of the Quantum Theory. It is a theory of distribution of energy throughout nature..." "~ B.T. Spalding {B5}

A pulsed emission quantum theory of ZPE (analogous to QE), facilitates periods of accelerated universal expansion, as observed in 2011... REF:     ESOcast 40: Accelerating Universe Discovery Wins 2011 Nobel Prize for Physics , and as currently being investigated... REF:     The International Hunt for Dark Energy

In that development of the Star Trek Replicator is contingent on the ability to disassemble and reassemble the hydrogen proton, a perceptual unification that allows application of a CAD environment quantized by the cosmic network architecture, would greatly enhance the codec process... e.g. application of UQS geometry, as a spatial quantization, template for digital SIM of a valid ZPE (analogous to QE) Hydrogen Proton choreography... REF: UQS Underlying Corpuscular String Theory Hydrogen Proton... illustrates a more fundamentally resolved String Theory model, providing evolved codec mechanisms for assemble and disassemble of a Hydrogen Proton.

In that mechanisms for Self-Healing predicated on one's knowledge of Self, do facilitate Self-Healing, the ability to consult/visualize the fundamental principle that manifest Self as form, is a key factor to well being.

In 1966, as Director of the Max Planck Institute Dept. for Behavioral Physiology, Dr. Konrad Lorenz, published his lifelong research as a book "On Aggression", in which he offers compelling evidence that fear underlies all aggression.

A perception of the universal fundamental principle, as the spontaneous, harmonious resolve of Energy as substance, facilitates one's mastery over fear, and the structural change in human consciousness, inherent in mastery over fear, can facilitate Social stability.

May intelligence be emerging faster than media spins!!!

Date: 2019/11/07
S. Lingo
UQS Logician/Author/Illustrator/Digital Code
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If, based on ones' observation of physical phenomena, one can conceptualize a unified intelligent network that has and is spontaneously harmoniously resolving distribution of QE, for the entire Universe, on each source pulse Q-Tick, verifying ones' ability to query and utilize network intelligence becomes ones' priority.

In a manner analogous to conventional digital networks, the root architecture of a cosmic network dictates the communication protocol... i.e. language... required to formulate ones query of network computational powers.

In that the Space-Time Cosmic Network is established on 2 bit spatial differential logic, formulating a binary yes/no query is a reasonable strategy to initiate communication, and is historically the basis of all language development.

Although the flip of a coin has been repeatedly shown to result in a 50/50 outcome over any significant number of flips, it can be demonstrated that a binary query prior to the flip... e.g. Should I eat this apple? ... drastically alters the 50/50 proportionality.

This paper was multitasked as an experiment to asses the validity of this metaphysical observation... i.e. on a word and/or statement query basis, a flip of the coin was utilized as the only edit criteria other than a digital spell checker.

In that the process required several thousand flips of a coin, and tenacious commitment to valid analysis, it is not recommended for publish or perish endeavors.

In that a random 50/50 outcome to a yes/no edit query, would not facilitate a coherent presentation of Space-Time Energy as the Substance that Underlies all Space-Time Energy Phenomena, I will leave it up to my reader to assess the experiments success in demonstrating a binary query mechanism to access the Cosmic Consciousness Computer (CCC://), and reader assessment can be posted as a comment at     UQS YouTube Video: Upon Differentiation

1.) Action (n.): a substance's experience of a differential in its spatial occupancy configuration of a Space-Time quantization... i.e. requires Space-Time Reality Logic functions

2.) Cause (n.): as intent for manifestation of Space-Time Energy Reality
        Cause (adj.) Energy (n.):
Note: Intent as spontaneous, harmonious resolve of QE distribution in Space over Time can be assumed from observation.

3.) Energized (adj.): said of a Phenomenon that demonstrates spatial motion over event time

4.) Field (n.): a configuration of addressable spatial occupancy
Note: Enclosed in quotes... i.e. "field" in reference to commonly undefined usage, and may or may not conform to the above definition.

5.) Intent (n.): a timeless iteration function of Cause... i.e. "now" is the only temporal logic construct that Cause can know
REF: Intermittent Calculation State (ICS).

6.) Logic (n.) (adj.): a mechanism for resolve
        Logic (adj.) Codec (n.): a translation mechanism to interface inherently mutually exclusive conditional structures, in which valid application of logic functions is segregated within the specified conditional structure... e.g. in that Spaceless-Timeless Cause Energy, as an intent conditional for spontaneous, harmonious resolve, does not utilize 2 bit logic differentials to facilitate emergence of Space-Time-Energy Logic functions, and a Space- Time-Energy Reality logic processor/intelligence can not process the undifferentiated Spaceless-Timeless Logic functions of Cause Energy, a mechanism for Cause Energy to resolve intent is required... REF: Intermittent Calculation State (ICS).

7.) Phenomenon (n.): an event that requires Space-Time Reality Logic functions, and demonstrates observable/physical evidence of a differential in spatial occupancy configuration of one or more Quantum of Energy (QE), as substance, over an observable temporal interval
      Phenomena: plural of phenomenon
      Phenomena (adj.) Energy (n.):

8.) Potential (n.): inherent state associated with intelligence or substance... e.g. all cause is potential for intelligence, and all QE and PHE have potential for an action
                    (adj.): latent; expresses possibility... e.g. a substance's perceived action as an event over time, demonstrates that a potential for the action existed in the substance, prior to the event
      Potentialized/potentiated (adj.): said of a Quantum of Space (QI) occupied by more than 1 Quantum of Energy (QE)... i.e. potential for action

9.) Pulse (n.): iteration event interval that facilitates Time as a count of Space-Time Energy QE source emission cycle Quantum Ticks (QT)... i.e. everything does not happen all at once.
        Pulsed (adj.) Energy (n.): assumes Energy as substance (QE) is being origin sourced.

10.) Quantitative (adj.): measurement as a count of specified units ... e.g. the number of minimum units of spatially defined Energy as substance, per minimum unit of quantized space as substance containment
      Quantifiable (adj.): facilitating differentiation of specified units to accommodate a unit count as a measurement
      Quantify (v.): to make a count of units to facilitate a measurement in units

11.) Quantize (v.): to configure as multiples of an indivisible/elemental unit
      Quantization (n.): the result of quantizing Space or Time
                            (adj.): modifies units
      Quantized (adj.): modifies the medium/field that is configured as multiples of an indivisible/elemental unit

12.) Quantum (n.): a fixed indivisible/elemental unit
      Quantum (n.) of Space (n.): a QI
      Quantum (n.) of Time (n.): a QT
      Quantum (n.) of Energy (n.): a QE
      Quantum (adj.) Space (n.): as a minimum spatial definition
      Quantum (adj.) Time (n.): as a minimum temporal interval
      Quantum (adj.) Energy (n.): as a minimum potential for cause or action
      Quanta (n.): plural of a quantum

13.) Reality (n.): a state of being that experiences Space-Time Energy
        Reality (adj.) Energy (n.):

14.) Singularity (n.): a graphical or logic structure that dictates function applicability

15.) Substance (n.): one or more Quanta of Energy (QE), spatially addressable within a specified quantization of Space

16.) Spatial Singularity (n.): graphical/geometry structure encapsulating the Origin (0,0,0) point of Spatial differentiation by Energy

17.) UQS (n.): is an abbreviation for Unified Quantization of a Sphere, which establishes a singularity that defines an alternative geometry to resolve recursive mechanix for Pulsed Point Source Emission of Energy as substance (QE) in Space ... i.e. it is not an alternative algebra for Cartesian and/or Radian geometries

18.) Virtual (adj.): does not utilize Space-Time Reality logic functions... e.g. the Spaceless-Timeless computational intelligence associated with Cause Energy.
Note: Chepek Media quoted usage... i.e. "a sea of virtual particle probability"... does not conform to the above definition if one's definition of "particle" requires Space-Time Reality Logic functions

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Special thanks to John Peabody for necessitating inclusion of ZPE in this discussion.
Special thanks to 2018 FQXi Essay authors Marcel-Marie LeBel and Paul N. Butler for necessitating differentiation of Spaceless-Timeless Cause Energy from Space-Time Reality Energy, as illustrated herein.
Recognition and encouragement to those of you who are daily virtual visitors to

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