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UQS Addendum to Nick Vamivakas and Levi Neukirch 13/07 University of Rochester Laser Experiment

Ref: Nano Diamond Levitation University Rochester
Ref: Opticsinfobase Abstract

Hello Nick Vamivakas and Levi Neukirch....

Congratulations on your achievement!!

Your approach suggest a means to resolve fundamental quantum geometry issues... and associated field mechanics.

For Example:

If one can speculate that heat is generated only by the interaction of radiation channel entities (photons) with inertia channel (mass) entities... how is the pressure of 2 colliding in-line photons distributed if no inertia entity is present at collision apex?

If one were to place a transparent vacuum tube configured with 2 opposing in-line synched unity lasers of a specified wavelength... inside a box (WRONG!!... should read sphere) whose interior panels are photo sensor arrays (LCDs?) ... would the theorized ... but as yet unverified... geometry of the Einstein/Higgs Q-Lattice dictate the distribution of the collision pressure of the 2 photons in a repeatable pattern... that can be detected by the LCD arrays?

... if two mutually perpendicular pairs of opposing in-line lasers were configured?
... if three mutually perpendicular pairs of opposing in-line lasers were configured?

I am a theoretician... attempting to logically verify the geometry of the Einstein/Higgs Lattice... and I have a very imprecise knowledge of the limitations of current optical lab equipment... i.e. due to it's ability to accumulate ("burn in") the effect of photon exposure over time... a photo sensitive film might be more appropriate than LCD arrays which may or may not be able to detect a single photon in a quantum time interval.

Links to any insights into the geometry dictates acting on two or more colliding photons... which you... or team members... might have derived as a consequence of your work... would be most helpful.

In any case, a confirmation of having received this e-mail would be appreciated.

Thanks for documenting and publishing your experiment.

S. Lingo
UQS Logician/Author
UQS Virtual Labs; Mogollon, NM USA
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