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As an archive of qslingo comment posted 1:21 AM 6/19/2021 to:

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Hello Veritasium....
Force is a quantitative measurement of motion as a consequence of an accelerated Mass... i.e. E=mc^2.

No spatial definition of an indivisible entity that moves, and no containment unit definition to verify individual spatially defined indivisible entity position, is implicit in either term... i e. Force and Mass are numeric quantitative operatives with no spatially defined unitary quantifier, and no means of addressing individual indivisible spatially defined entities in Space.
Ref: "What is Aether?" ~ Jeff Yee

@4:13 Veritasium poses the question: "How do you explain the curvature of the path of the rocket ship without gravitational force?"

Veritasium answer: "Curved Space-Time... i.e. Space-Time around massive objects is curved"... is another layer of semantic obfuscation.

Animated y-axis repositioning of an (x,z) axis 2D Radian geodesic plane, is still the rubber sheet model... i e. does not facilitate 3D (x,y,z) geodesics.

The Veritasium animated geometry sequence, albeit convincingly digitally elegant, creates the illusion that the grid moves, and by strategically positioning a solid object... i e. a planet... at the origin of the Radian 2D geodesic grid, obscures the inability for a Radian coordinate logic map to facilitate a unified quantization of a spatial volume.

Without resolve of a spatial 3D quantization geometry model, that facilitates addressable uniform units of indivisible spatially defined occupancy (QI), as containment for point sourced emission and subsequent distribution of indivisible units of Energy, as substance...i e. "the" Quantum of Energy (QE)... didactic speculation as to the geodesics of 3D volumetric Space can be misleading.

All discernible motion within a valid Space-Time Energy model, that facilitates single point source pulsed emission and subsequent spontaneous harmonious distribution of substance... i.e. spatial occupants... as indivisible units of potential for motion, can be attributed to the emission pulse mechanism.

The CAD Unified Quantization of a Sphere (UQS) Space-Time geometry environment, and its associated Energy distribution mecahanix, facilitates one's ability to graphically map an unbroken kinematic logic chain, from an observed Phenomenal Energy (PHE) event... Ref: Energy as Substance Underlies Energy Phenomena (PHE) to an emission pulse mechanism, and defines Space, Time, and Energy in terms of visual elements within the CAD model.

Without verifiable volumetric geodesics, navigation in 3D Space is highly speculative.

- What is UQS Space?
Given a uniform theoretical QI, as the 2D quantization unit of a 3D spatial logic map in which to address occupancy by one or more QE, Space is the volumetric containment quantization geometry that dictates QE mechanix.

Without a mechanism of temporal differentiation, motion does not exist

- What is UQS Time?
Time as a logic derivative of "next", is a consequence of pulsed sourced QE, and pulse rate is specified in Q-Ticks... i.e. 1QT/next.

Without spatial definition of an indivisible unit of motion, one has no unitary bases for quantitative measurements as Mass ... i.e. one can not quantify in terms of an undefined entity.

- What is UQS Mass?
Given that QE, as a consequence of the mechanix of a spontaneous, harmonious QE distribution from a single pulsed source, occupy QI, Mass is a QE/spatial volume density quantifier, and a single QE, occupying one QI, is the minimum unit of quantification of any Mass ... a QE is a graviton???

@6:51 Veritasium postulates: '"Matter tells Space-Time how to curve, and Space-Time tells Matter how to move."

The curvature of Space does indeed define the path dictates of QE mechanix, but the curvature of Space is as a consequence of a spatial logic map that can resolve spontaneously, harmoniously pulsed, directionally unbiased QE distribution, in all 3 spatial dimensions, outwardly from any grid node.

Matter is comprised of QE, which are QT time referant spatial occupant entities that have a a directional bias away from source, but have no internal propulsion mechanism with which to modify the curvature inherent in the embedded quantization of Space... i.e. the geodesics of curvature are unaltered over time.

If as a revision to Malcolm Banthorpe's 3D version of Conway's "The Game of Life", the "tiles" are QE, the curvature of Space is a consequence of the UQS CAD environment, the rules evolve as a consequence of successful resolve of spontaneous, harmonious distribution of QE throughout Space on each Q-Tick, and there is no option for a QE to die, then Energy as substance (QE), is continually being created, but cannot be destroyed.

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